Micki Jones has been involved in the study of nutrition and herbology since 1977. This intensified and expanded to include the study of Iridology during 1978, working with many individuals throughout the United States and Worldwide. She teaches Master Herbology & Natural Therapies and is a Diplomate Instructor for the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA) and teaches both IIPA Level I and Level II. Micki was on the Board of Directors and Treasurer of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association. She was also Director for Certification and Accreditation for IIPA for many years.

Micki co-authored the book A Practical Guide to Herbs which was released in March of 1995 and sold over 1500 copies throughout the United States and Canada in the first two weeks. This book has now been totally revised and was released in February 2011. She is also the author of Protocols and Findings For The Iridology Practitioner which was released in April of 2008 along with several other books on nutrition and herbology. Her most recent book, Learn the Science & Practice of Iris Analysis, was released in July, 2011.

She developed the “Universal Iridology Chart” which combines the American and European Iridology theories and markings.

Her education includes Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, an ND Degree and Bachelor of Science Degree from Westbrook University in Clinical Nutrition and Doctor of Iridology and Naturopathy degree from the Holistic Medicine College of Wisconsin.

Micki was a member of:

  • Howard University’s Iridology Research Team
  • Winston-Salem State University’s Iris Analysis Research Project
  • Canadian Breast Cancer/Iridology Research Project

Her studies include resident training with Dr. E. C. Watkins, the Center for Building Better Health Naturally, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Harri Wolf, Dr. Daniele Lo Rito from Italy, Leonard Mehlmauer and John Andrews from Manchester, England.

Micki lives with her husband of 53 years, Jim, in The Woodlands, Texas, and also has her office in The Woodlands, Texas. She teaches IIPA Level I and II seminars throughout the United States along with Master Herbology & Natural Therapies.

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