IIPA Comprehensive IridologySM – Level 2 (21 Hours)



  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Topography
    Zone and map comparisons and the iris chart
  3. Color constitutions, variations / combinations.
  4. Physical integrity evaluation
    Degrees of resistence, combinations of subtypes by structure.
  5. Specific structure and lacuna types
    Lacuna / Crypts / Defects – specific types, accompanying signs reflexives and transversals – specific types, degree of color, accompanying signs.
  6. Specific pigment signs
  7. Digestive zone details – comb theeth, tissue integrity, etc.
  8. Collarette elaboration – placement, quality, appearance, etc.
  9. Languaging details and business guidelines – client session time, fees, etc.


  1. Iridology Practice:
    • Group Iris Analysis using iris evaluation form. The instructor takes students through the first set of overhead slides while students fills out the iris evaluation form.

    • Individual Iris Analysis using iris evaluation form. Instructor displays another set of overhead iris slides. Students take time to fill out the iris evaluation form on their own. After students fill out finding on iris evaluation form for 30 minutes, the instructor asks the students to say what they found.

    • Individual Iris Analysis with a partner using iris evaluation form. After 30 minutes, the students switch to the other partner. after both partners are complete, they share their what they found on each other’ eye. Instructor walk around class answering questions and clarify points found in the students eye.