Iridology Examination Sample Iris

Iridology Examination Sample Iris

Key Benefits

  • Will determine your health level.
  • Will tell you what your inherited strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Non-Invasive low cost.


  • Inflammation Spotting: Will show where inflammation is present.
  • Body Activity Levels: Will show if any part of your body is overactive or underactive.
  • Problem Spotting: Will show where problems are occurring in your body.
Iridology Examination Sample Chart

Iridology Examination Sample Chart

When this woman came to me, she was complaining of extreme tiredness, extreme thirst all the time, blurred vision, overweight, and numbness in legs and feet.

Part of what we discussed, is as follows:

  1. An analysis of this left iris reveals several problems relating to the Pancreas. Notice at 20 minutes, touching the Collarette, an orange pigment with thick white. This area of the iris shows the Pancrease Tail.
  2. Notice at 35 minutes, touching the Collarette, an orange pigment with some rarefaction also showing in that area. This area of the iris shows the Pancreas Body.
  3. Notice the shape of the pupil. It has a flattening from approximately 20 minutes to 28 minutes.
  4. If you will look at the entire Collarette, you will find that it is starting to “square off”.
  5. Notice at 45 minutes, you have a Closed Lacuna in the Thyroid area. You will also find Contraction Rings beginning and ending in the Thyroid area. My concern here, would be Thyroid problems.

To do a proper analysis, you must look at both the right and left iris and more importantly, ask questions and talk to the Client. It always takes two people to do a proper analysis. (The Iridologist and The Client!)

After completing the iris analysis and expressing my concern regarding the improper functioning of her Pancreas and Thyroid, my Client elected to have a medical check up. Her doctor did find that she had Diabetes and low Thyroid function.

An Iridologist cannot and should not diagnose disease from the iris of the eye.